2017 International Underwater Operations & Offshore Industry Expo


3rd –5th, Nov, 2017  Xiamen.China

About the Show

UO CHINA - 2017 International Underwater Operations & Offshore Industry Expo will be held in Xiamen on November 3-5, 2017. 

Key sponsors:
CDSA (China Diving and Salvage Contractors Association)
IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)
ADCI (The Association of Diving Contractors International)

Why attend?
In the next 10 years, China will be the focus of the global ocean engineering industry, which brings a lot of attracting opportunities. China government has stated that China should enhance its capacity for exploiting marine engineering resources, surveys, scientific researches, explorations. China should become a marine engineering power house after 10 years endeavour.

Interesting facts & figures

1. China has a total coastline of 18400 km. It is generally estimated that China has a total of 35-40 billion tons oil equivalent of oil & gas resources in sea area.

2. In the next 10 years, the yield of China oil & gas will increase progressively at 20%. By 2020, it is expected to reach more than 40%. By 2020, it is predicted that China's marine engineering equipment market is expected to exceed $75 billion.

3. China focus on building three industrial gathering areas. They are Bohai Region, Yangtze River Delta Region and the Pearl River Delta Region. The sales income of these three industrial areas will reach to 40 billion RMB in 2015, and will reach to 80 billion RMB by 2020.

4. China has more than 1000 enterprises and 100,000 employees engaged in diving and salvage. There are more than 10000 commercial divers, and 30000-50000 non-commercial divers.

5. According to statistics from China Rescue and Salvage of Ministry of Transport of China, for more than 50 years, China diving and salvage industry rescued 3275 vessels in distress in total, including 644 foreign ships.  They rescued 44727 persons, including 7536 foreigners. They salvaged 1679 sunken ships, including 91 foreign ones. The direct value of the saved property is around 32 billion RMB.

More about CDSA

CDSA is attached to the China Ministry of Transportation. CDSA’s current membership stands at around 400 companies. CDSA has more than 100 council member companies. It includes China Rescue & Salvage of Ministry, China MSA, NGD of Chinese Navy Headquarters, Yangze River Shipping Administration, CCS (China Classification Society), CNOOC (China National offshore Oil Corporation), CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation), CCCC (China Communications Construction Company Limited) etc. All the council member companies fully support and will participate in UO China.

In addition, the CDSA 2017 annual meeting and council meeting will be held at the same time as 2017 UO China.

UO China is also greatly supported by China Ministry of Commerce and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce. As suggested above, it means UO China could not be happening at a better time.

UO China sincerely welcomes national and international visitors, speakers and exhibitors from the subsea industry wanting to explore and share the rapidly growing Chinese market.



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