2017 International Underwater Operations & Offshore Industry Expo


3rd –5th, Nov, 2017  Xiamen.China

The 2015 International Underwater Intervention Conference and Exhibition Answered A Perfect Curtain Call!

The 2015 International Underwater Intervention Conference and Exhibition answered a perfect curtain call on November 8 in Xiamen. The exhibition attracted nearly one hundred outstanding exhibitorsfrom enterprises worldwide in the industry. Leading enterprises including China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China Communications Construction, PLTT, Juli Sling Co., Ltd, China Classification Society (CCS), Pommec Technical Diving Equipment BV from the Netherlands all participated in the exhibition with their large-scale and specially-designed booths. Exhibitors of this year had covered the areas of contractors, equipment suppliers, Service providers and other matching supply providers.

More than 300 booths from various exhibitors, having about 1000 high-end marine engineering equipment on display, dazzled the eyes of viewers. The high-end marine engineering equipment comprised high precision underwater measuring equipment,remotely operated vehicle (ROV), underwater search sonar, great depth of autonomous underwater vehicle, underwater acoustic positioning system, marine unmanned platform, heavy load unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned ship, saturation diving equipment, marine engineering ship and support equipment, etc.

1. With approximately 300 booths and display area of more than 6000㎡
2. Nearly 100 exhibitors including leading enterprises in the fields of maritime affairs, marine engineering and salvage industries.
3. Exhibits cover nearly 1000 advanced equipment and technology in the industry including marine engineering equipment and instrument, marine engineering work ship and accessories, marine engineering offshore mooring equipment, ringing, rope, navigation and positioning equipment, underwater engineering equipment, dredging equipment, saturation diving, ROV, submersible, unmanned ship, unmanned aerial vehicle, marine rescue equipment and support parts, etc.
4. Attracts more than 3000 professional visitors both from China and abroad to attend.
5. More than 300 overseas professionals from 30 different countries ( the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Finland, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, the Netherlands, India, the united Arab emirates, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Canada, France, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Bahamas, Lebanon, Iraq, Tonga, etc) came to visit
6. 1 industry theme forum and 3 high-end technology seminars, over 30 high-end professional lectures

Professional Audiences to Detonate Business Opportunities
The exhibition attracted nearly 100 exhibitors. The organizing committee completed a lot of customer analysis tables according to the characteristics of each exhibitor and therewith carried out abundant recruitment work for professional visitors. The buyers invitation work of the exhibition had attained positive feedback of the market. As the statistics showed, the number of professional visitors of the International Underwater Intervention Conference and Exhibition had reached more than 2000, along with tens of visitor and purchaser groups. The effect of the exhibition was fully affirmed by every single exhibitor and visitor.

Summits and Forums to Gain Perspective of the Industry
The exhibition had held 4 summits and industry technology exchange symposims, providing a high-end platform of collision and integration of new ideas, new technology and new achievements for the whole industry. By the use of mutual effect between the exhibition and conference, this year’s exhibition cohesively connect the information and realized resource sharing between the marine engineering and salvage diving industry.

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