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CANSI Released China Shipbuilding Capacity Utilization Monitoring Index (CCI)

On December 7, 2016, CANSI ( China Association Of The National Shipbuilding Industry) officially released China Shipbuilding Capacity Utilization Monitoring Index (CCI) during INMEX China 2016. CCI has been the first index released by China’s shipping industry which reflects China's shipbuilding capacity utilization degree, and works as a comprehensive index to predict the future trend.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the international shipping market has entered a long period of continuous adjustment and downturn. Excess capacity and insufficient demand have become the principal contradictions restricting the development of our country’s shipbuilding industry. In order to fully act in the spirit of the relevant documents of the State Council, MIIT increased requirements for the dynamic monitoring analysis of shipping industry capacity, and CANSI had organized institutions including CSIRC (China Shipping Industry Economic and Market Research Center) as well as many industry experts to establish the research and preparation work of CCI. The work took two years.

CCI gives full consideration to the characteristics of our country’s shipping industry capacity. It  chose a number of the main factors influencing the shipbuilding capacity to build the index system. CCI serves as an effective way to solve the difficulties in unified and effective measurement of our country’s shipbuilding capacity. At the same time, CCI makes predictions about future capacity utilization, making it possible to know the actual utilization of our country’s shipping capacity. CCI gives reference to policy decision-making for the government and production and operation for the enterprises. It also provides reference for all sectors of society.

By calculation, CCI for 2015 had reached 644 points, compared to 607 points for the third quarter of 2016.

The release time of CCI has been set around 20 each season. The distribution channels are mainly association websites, association Wechat platforms and major medias including China Ship News, China Shipbuilding Industry News, etc.

Leaders and the relevant responsible persons from CANSI (China Association Of The National Shipbuilding Industry), CSNAME (Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce and Guangdong Shipbuilding Industry Information Service Platform all attended the conference and witnessed the release of CCI.


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