2017 International Underwater Operations & Offshore Industry Expo


3rd –5th, Nov, 2017  Xiamen.China

Exhibitor Profiles

Commercial Diving Contractors
Rescue and Salvage Contractors
Underwater Engineering Contractors
Offshore Contractors
Marine Contractors
Oilfield Service Companies

Suppliers of equipment
Air & Mixed Diving Equipment
Saturation Diving Equipment
Drilling, Oil Storage
Well Completion
Equipment and Platform Module
Platform Eervice Euqipments
Oil& gas drilling, Storage and Transport Equipments
Offshore Engineering Shipbuilding and Marine Accessories
Ocean Wind Power Building, Installation and Maintenance equipments
Pipeline Installation, Inspection and Maintenance Equipement
Ocean Renewable Energy,Biological and Chemical oceanography
Port Logistics & Cargo Handling Systems
Manned Submersibles
Dredging and Coastal Development
Underwater Communication Equipments
Navigation &Positioning Equipment and Apparatus
Underwater Observation& Inspection Equipment &Apparatus
Underwater Cut, Welding and Cleaning Equipment
Hydraulics, Tools and Equipment
Other Ocean Engineering Equipment& Apparatus

Component Manufacturers
Underwater Engineering Equipment
Laser Measurement and Inspection Tools
Antisepticise and CoatingGrout and Cement, Pile repair
Hose, Umbilicals, Cables
Hydrological Instrument
Controls, Consoles and Panels
Mooring, Chains, Ropes and Anchors
Echo Sounders
Electro‐mechanical Sensors
Remote Sensing
Tide Gauges
Magnets & Magnetometers 
Slip Ring Systems
Linings, Seals and Gaskets
Processing, Separation, Filtration and Water Treatment
Metereological Devices and Instrumentation
Navigation Devices and Instrumentation
Meters & Metering Systems
Vibration Monitoring Systems

Suppliers of service
Finance and Insurance Services
Education,Training& Research Institutions
Classing and Certification Institutions & Agencies
Robotics Education and Academia
Computer Hardware and Software
Offshore & Maritime Publications
Technical Literature and Training
Offshore& Maritime Press &Media
Environmental Monitoring and Protection


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